The MTB route of the BASQUE PYRENEES forests



4 Stages of Pure Mountain Bike through the Atlantic Pyrenees


BASOAK Aralar - Irati - Mountain Bike

BASOAK Aralar - Irati MTB is a mountain bike route in its purest form for mountain biking. It crosses the North of Navarre from West to East joining in its walk the Aralar Range, in the 1st stage and the Selva de Irati, in the last one. These two first quality Natural Spaces, join in the central stages, the Ultzama Valley (the Navarre Switzerland) and the endless forests full of trails of "flow" of Quinto Real and Roncesvalles recently reinterpreted by the modern philosophy of tracks of BTT developed in the area by the MTB and Trail EREMUA Center.
The result is an online cycling route with a quality difficult to overcome throughout the peninsular territory.

The PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE proposal to pedal the route is in broad strokes, a Self Guided Pack which includes the Half Board Accommodations, the Tracks of the route and the Luggage Transport from hotel to hotel.
As an option, if the cyclists use their own vehicle, we take care of transferring them in Taxibike to the starting point of BASOAK on the morning of the first day so that at the end of the tour their vehicles are at the end point of the route.
In the proposal can also participate non-cyclists as companions.
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Typical pastoral shepherds in the Sierra de Aralar
Spectacular "cencellada" in the secluded and magical place on the North face of Adi Peak. 3rd stage
Ascending to Okabe, last stage of BASOAK MTB - Irati Mountains -
Sierra de Aralar - BASOAK Aralar - Irati, Environment in the 1st stage of the route
The mountains of Basque mythology saturate the horizon
Descent of Burdindogi in the 2nd stage. Section in common with the "Carboneras" route of the EREMUA BTT Center.
Horses in freedom in the vicinity of Roncesvalles
Scenes on the route
Dolmen of Trikuharri watching BASOAK Aralar - Irati
Slopes of the Adi mountain in the 3rd stage. Maximum expression of "flow"

To get the idea of what you can find if you decide to know BASOAK Aralar - Irati MTB, click and browse below in any of these tabs.

Stage 1: Arbizu - Lekunberri - Distance: 41 km   Unevenness: 1.200 m

Stage 2: Lekunberri - Eugi - Distance: 54 km   Unevenness: 1.850 m

Stage 3: Eugi - Larraun - Distance: 49 km   Unevenness: 2.160 m

Stage 4: Larraun - Larraun - Distance: 56 km   Unevenness: 1.900 m

The complete route
Distance: 200 km   Unevenness: 7.110 m


Stage 1: Arbizu - Lekunberri - Distance: 41 km   Unevenness: 1.200 m





dolmenes dolmenes

Complejo Megalítico de Ondarre II

Majada de Pikuta

Majadas pastoriles de Pikuta



Otro momento, el mismo lugar. Majadas pastoriles de Oidui.

Enirio huts

Senderos serpenteantes en las Majadas pastoriles de Oidui. El pantano de Lareo va encogiendose en el bosque.

Refugio de Igaratza

Refugio de Igaratza, parada obligada, se acabo el subir.

horses in Errenaga

Caballos en Errenaga, 1.287 metros, el punto más elevado de la 1ª etapa.

Basque Mountains in the background

La ralla de BASOAK corta las laderas de Aralar. La Sierra de Aizkorri y las montañas del interor de Gipuzkos cierran el horizonte.

descend to Lekumberri

Pedalear relajado en las campas de Unakoputzua.

descend to Lekumberri

Vamos cambiando de valle y el Pirineo Navarro comienza a ocupar nuestro horizonte.

autumn in Aralar range

Descenso hacia Lekunberri. Si la nieve pinta las cumbres de las Malloak de Aralar, la temporada ciclista en BASOAK MTB llega a su fin


Stage 2: Lekunberri - Eugi - Distance: 54 km   Unevenness: 1.850 m





The prairies of the Ultzama Valley end abruptly in the forest front of the Quinto Real. We could say that here we enter the Pyrenees.





Typical "carpeted" trail of the Navarrese Pyrenees




Stage 3: Eugi - Larraun - Distance: 49 km   Unevenness: 2.160 m



Forest roads, usual in valley bottoms


"Fauna" typical and abundant in the environment. With us we are all already.

Eremua-Roncesvalles-bike-route-Adi-flow Eremua-Roncesvalles-bike-route-Adi-flow-zoom

Maximum expression of the Navarre "flow" on the northern face of the Adi Mountain


Col de Aratun, geographical reference of the Adi massif.

Eremua-Roncesvalles-bike-route-highest point Eremua-Roncesvalles-Irati-bike-route-low-fogs

Path along the eastern slope of the Adi. We are at the highest point of the route.

Txaperro-Eremua-ascenso Txaperro-Eremua-ascenso-2

Demanding climb between the Sorogain Lodge and the Txasperro summit


The Colegiata de Roncesvalles in its environment.


We leave Roncesvalles and head back towards the Irati Forest, crossing the southern slopes of the Pyrenees.


Sections of "flow" on the descent to the old weapons factory of Orbaitzeta.


Weapons Factory of Orbaizeta, we are very close to the end of the stage, so we can "get lost" for a while between its ruins and its history.


Stage 4: Larraun - Larraun - Distance: 56 km   Unevenness: 1.900 m



The route alternates wooded areas with others of a more pastoral nature.


Daily scenes on the slopes of Okabe Peak.


One of the most impressive megalithic complexes of the Pyrenees. The 26 cromlechs of Hilarrita in the vicinity of the top of Okabe.


Some technical trails bordering the lake of Irabia.


We reached the top of the Okabe without getting off the bike. When the fog does not prevent it, its 1466 meters of altitude and its location in the center of the Pyrenean axis make up a spectacular viewpoint.


Descent of the Okabe Peak.


Dam of the Irabia reservoir in the heart of the SELVA de IRATI.


cromos de hoteles Irati Tours


490 € Price per person for groups of 2 or 3 people

440 € Price per person for groups of 4 or 5 people

410 € Price per person for groups of 6 or more people

Rates for the whole year, subject to availability.
The prices may vary when the dates coincide with the Easter holidays or with the Patron Festivities of any of the places of accommodation.

In the COMFORT format, accommodation is offered in single beds in the rooms each hotel assigns. These may be for 2, 3 or more people.


  • 1 night of accommodation with breakfast
    Corresponds to the 1st night as usually the groups prefer to choose themselves where to dine during the arrival trip to the destination
  • 3 nights accommodation in half board
  • Taxibike

    Transport of luggage between destinations
    1 bag or package of a maximum of 20 kg per person

    Transport of non ciclists participants
    If not needed, the cost of the Taxibike will be deducted from the proposal

  • Transfer to the starting point of the route

    The morning of the first day we move the group to the starting point. So at the end of the tour their vehicles are at the end point of the route.
    If not needed, the cost of this service will be deducted from the proposal

  • Tracks of the route in GPX format for mobile phones or GPS devices
    Warn us if you prefer them in another format
  • Presentation of the route and delivery of information in hand the day of the arrival of the group to the hotel or the morning of the next day when groups are of 6 or more people
  • Telephone assistance for incidents or consultations during the days of the contracted activity



  • Beers or other consumptions outside the proposed menus in the dinners or during the stay in hotels
  • Meals in restaurants at the time of the noon, unless it has been agreed previously to replace dinner with meals
  • Any kind of sports material, helmets, shoes, etc
  • Anything not expressly indicated in the offer


  • Hire assistance vehicle during the route
  • Airport/station pick up
  • Bicycle rental
    We put them at the starting point of the route together with a mechanic to adjust them to your sizes
  • Hire Accident Insurance
  • Delete if not necessary the night at the starting/finalising point of the route
  • Single room supplement: + 120 €
    When the group is made up of an odd number of people, will be equally necessary an odd number of requests to access this supplement
  • If your need is different from what we propose here, if for example, you have fewer days than the required ones for the route and do not know how to trim off, or if instead, you have more days and you want to stay a whole day in one of the lodges, pedaling or touring the area and continue the next day, do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you options and alternative routes for these or any other variable you can think of.


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