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Shadows on the Litor circus between the Col de Soulor and the Col de Aubisque.. Pyrenees Pure.
Selva de Irati, one of the 5 stars  PUNTOS  in the Pyrenees -Irati Extrem 2013-
Meeting at the Col de Lhers, -Ariégeoise- territory. Eastern Pyrenees.
La Vuelta a España 2016 descending Inharpu/Auski in the Atlantic Pyrenees of Mauléon. White Froome, green Valverde and red Quintana.
Crossing the cordillera, Peyresourde a "SuperTour" Port in the Central Pyrenees.
Plateau de Beille another TOUR Port in the Central Pyrenees
Tribute to cycling at the top of the Col de Aubisque
Scenes of the Ariege in the Eastern Pyrenees
La Pierre St Martin towards Belagua, descent through the karst of Larra -Pax Avant 2014-
Gorges of Calamus, a landmark of the Aude -Eastern Pyrenees-
Pailhères per Usson-les-Bains, a TOP TEN halfway between the Aude and Ariège. The best that can happen to us in the Pyrenees.
The medieval village of Montségur from the Cathar Castle of the same name. A different environment in the North-Eastern Pyrenees of the Aude.

We inaugurate PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE with BASOAK, a new route of road cycling by stages in the Basque Pyrenees.

BASOAK is a circular route set to take over 3 or 4 days. It is designed to be made in Free format, Self-Guided, or with Accompanying on route.
Depending on the version you choose, we will start the route in Pamplona or in the Sierra de Aralar. The geographical space which we will cover travelling BASOAK includes all the North of Navarre with some entries in Gipuzkoa and in France.
The 7.230 meters of ascent that has the path -10.810 in the PLUS option- includes the classic ports of the Basque cyclists rounds, Urbasa, Etxauri, Uitzi... and the new, hard and 'modern' ports -some already discovered for professional cycling- in the Basque Pyrenees; Inharpu/Ahuski, Bagargi and Arnostegi.

map of the route
map of the route

There are different options:

BASOAK Iruñea-Pamplona  - 4 days

BASOAK Iruñea-Pamplona  -PLUS- 4 days

BASOAK Aralar-Irati  - 4 days

BASOAK Aralar-Irati  -PLUS- 4 days

BASOAK Hiru  - 3 days

BASOAK Hiru  -PLUS- 3 days